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Feb 06
VNX File OE Upgrade

So….it has been a while since my last post but I am back at it again :-) .  I was at a customer site this week installing an array and after the Block OE upgrade the VNX alerted me that the Block and File OE were not compatible with one another.  I, nor any of my colleagues that I asked, had ever upgraded the File OE on a VNX array.  I did a little research and hit a few snags but I got around them and successfully upgraded the File OE.  It is recommended that you upgrade the File OE before the Block OE.  I will be posting another blog a little later to discuss upgrading the Block OE.  Hope this helps…

1.  Using Unisphere Service Manager (USM) log into the VNX and enter your credentials:


2.  Once logged in select “Software->Downloads->Download VNX Software Updates.”  You will keep the defaults and click “Next” until you get to the below page where you can choose the software to download.  If you choose the top level it will check all boxes below (which is what I recommend).  After checking the box click “Next” and you will be prompted for your EMC PowerLink credentials.  Enter credentials and select “Login.”  Once you successfully enter your credentials the download will begin.  I ran into a bit of a snag here because it said there were 3 files that couldn’t be located (, pkg_7.1.56.5_emcnas.tar, and CX5-Bundle-  It still downloaded the other 4 files and created the *.upg folder that you will need for the upgrade.  Click “Next” and then “Finish” (it will show you on the screen before you click “Finish” where it saved the files to on your local hard drive).  I manually went to PowerLink and downloaded the above 3 files.  The two files needed for the File OE upgrade are and pkg_7.1.56.5_emcnas.tar.  Once you download these files from PowerLink you will put them in the correct location for the upgrade (C:\EMC\repository\Downloads\VNX\2012-07-16\


3.  You should now be back at the original screen where you will choose “Software->System Software->Install Software.”  A pop-up window will come up asking you what you would like to install, you will choose “Install VNX OE” and click “Next.”


4.  Now choose “Use another upgrade package” and click “Next.”  You will then browse to the *.upg folder specified in step 2 and click “Open.”  Click the “Next” button once it appears.


5.  USM will now go through a series of pre-installation health checks to verify there are no issues with the array before install.  Once it finishes and there are no errors the “Next” button will appear and you will click it.


6.  You will now be asked if you want to reboot the blades during the upgrade process or after the upgrade.  I would recommend doing this during a planned outage and reboot the blades during the upgrade.  Understand that users will lose access to CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI during the reboot period.


7.  The installation of the new File OE will proceed until the blades are ready to be rebooted.  During the installation the Control Station has to be rebooted and you will see a brief interruption in USM.  Do not exit out of USM, it will reconnect once the Control Station is booted back up.  You will see a “Reboot” button become visible at the bottom of the screen and you will have to click this in order to reboot the standby blades first and then you will be prompted to reboot the primary blade in the same way.  You will receive a warning when you reboot the primary blade making you aware that clients will lose access to their files temporarily.  Click “Yes” and continue.


8.  The installation will continue after rebooting both blades.  Once it is finished you will see both status bars at 100% and you will be able to click “Next.”  After clicking “Next” the system will do a post upgrade health check to make sure everything is functioning correctly.  Once it is finished click “Next.”  You will now get a message stating that the File OE upgrade was successful and a warning that will tell you it is critical that you upgrade the Block OE as well.  You will click “Next” and you will now be finished with the installation of the File OE.  I will post on upgrading the Block OE later in the week.


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