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The Leader in Virtualization, Storage & Disaster Recovery.

Varrow's mission is to provide world-class information solutions and unparalleled service that enable our clients to rapidly and efficiently achieve their goals and objectives.

This is a poem that we put together to describe our culture and values at Varrow. We thought this rhyming pattern was more fun to read than a list of statements. We read this out-loud together as a group during new hire training and other group events like our annual kick-off. It seems kinda weird but it is a good reminder of who we are and who we strive to be. We start the poem off with a personal leadership affirmation because we think all employees must believe and think of themselves as leaders and take personal responsibility for helping us build and maintain a great company with a great culture. Enjoy :)
 - Jeremiah Cook, CEO


I am a Great Leader
On a Wonderful Team!
We do Great Work
We dream Big Dreams!

We take pride in our work
But we must remain humble 
We try new things
It's ok if we stumble

We work with passion
We work with care 
We take strange pleasure 
As we pull out our hair

This is our tribe 
We must show our true face
I will not be afraid
To state a good case

We will build strong bonds
Through work and through play
We are refreshingly honest
We will do what we say

We are quick to respond
We treat theirs like its ours
The little things are important
Don't forget to bring flowers

We will embrace change
Adapters earn their reward
That's how we beat ‘em
Look forward , move forward

It's not easy being cheesy
And it's not easy building something great
But it's kinda easy and not so cheesy
To wear a smile as we create 


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